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REAA Code of Conduct

In accordance with Rule 10 Real Estate Agents Act (Professional conduct and Client Care Rules) 2009

Our complaints and dispute resolution procedure is designed to provide an easy, personalised process for resolving any complaint you might have about the service you have received from the Bronwyn Kay Agency.

  • Step 1:  Speak to the Salesperson you have been dealing with to try and resolve your complaint.  Our team pride themselves on getting things right, so please give them the first opportunity to correct any issues.  If you feel that you need further resolution please contact our principal, Bronwyn Kay.
  • Step 2:  Please advise our Principal of your concerns, the salesperson involved, and what you would like to see happen to resolve the issue.
  • Step 3:  Our hope is that we can resolve any and all issues by this point, however you may be asked to put your complaint in writing so that it can be investigated further.
  • Step 4:  We will come back to you within 5 working days of your complaint.  As part of this investigation we may ask to meet with you in person.
  • Step 5:  If you choose not to meet with us in person then you will receive a written proposal to resolve your complaint.
  • Step 6:  If you do not accept our proposal please advise us in writing within 5 working days of receiving.  You may if you choose suggest another way of resolving your complaint.
  • Step 7:  At this point, if we accept your preferred resolution we will attempt to implement the resolution within 5 working days.  If declined, your resolution we may invite you to mediate the dispute, using an independent mediation service.
  • Step 8:  If we agree to mediate the complaint, but do not settle the complaint at mediation or we do not agree to mediate then that will be the end of the in-house process.

If required, you can make a complaint to the Real Estate Agent Authority at any time 0800 367 7322