We’re giving the typical real estate commission a bit of a shake-up. Top service and excellent results are the norm at BK. Home values continue to increase with many up $100,000-plus, so we think it’s time to do things differently.

The way the industry works has also changed in recent years and new technology means we’re all working smarter. Our audiences are now drawn from a far wider pool. 

So we feel that the fee should be fair and one that does not compromise service or results . . . welcome to our 3% fee which we feel is fair to everyone. We are a team of highly-motivated, top-performing residential, commercial and property management specialists who are committed to providing an individualised experience to our customers. 

Our experience, knowledge, and systems allow us to provide superior service and results at this fee.  At our local independent agency, your business is very important to us and our focus is on results. We’re all about a premium service for premium results – it’s simple!  Give us a call to see how we can help.