Tenancy Application Form

Bronwyn Kay Property Management Tenancy Application Form

This information is provided by you to Bronwyn Kay Property Management for the purpose of assessing your eligibility as a tenant for one of the properties we administer.

(If you do not enter into a tenancy agreement following the completion of this form, the form will be held for a 3 month period and then destroyed and we will not retain the information you have provided.)

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Tenant #1
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Applicants Contact Details
Applicants Source of Income
Vehicle #1
Rental Requirements
Applicants Photo ID
Current Situation
Time at address
Previous Situation
Time at address
Next of Kin (in case of emergency)

I consent to you contacting any tenant default database or credit check and any of the following referees

I consent to you providing the information in this form and details of any proven breach of my tenancy agreement or of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to any credit bureau or tenant database

I acknowledge that the information may then be publicly accessible through credit bureau or tenant default databases.

I agree that you may use any of the information on this form to enforce any judgment in respect of the tenancy agreement or in respect of any order against me made by the Tenancy Tribunal.

I confirm the information in this form is true and correct.

Do you consent to all of the above *

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